When Does Your Belief Become The Truth?

Apologies… Why is it so easy for some and so hard for others to apologize? Usually, those who are reluctant to apologize do so because of fear.  Tesla Code Secrets Review They are afraid of being humiliated, of being perceived as weak; of recognizing that they did something “wrong” or inappropriate or unacceptable; of being rejected; of accepting the fact that they are, after all, humans and therefore subject to errors now and then, etc.

Any reason that makes people feel uncomfortable is just an excuse which prevents them from simply apologizing. Declaring “I am sorry,” “I apologize,” “Please, forgive me,” is indeed very liberating, though nerve wrecking to some.

Of these expressions, the most charged is the latter for one simple reason: when you apologize the action comes from you; you are actively saying you are sorry. You are not really engaging the enemy, so to speak. Since you are doing the action, you can simply apologize, turn your back and move on.

On the other hand, when you ask for forgiveness, you become a passive player because you are not in charge of the outcome; rather, you are the recipient of someone else’s forgiveness. And that can be very scary to many.

In many cases, the questions that come to your mind might be: “What if the person does not accept my gesture?” and worse, “What if the person does not forgive me?” Your defense mechanism enters in a state of alertness. Your adrenals kick in, and the fight or flee reaction is triggered.  http://teslacodesecretsreviews.com

You may be afraid of being rejected; your self-esteem may be shattered, you might understand the powerful “truth” that you are not loved. You feel trapped and you become paralyzed and hence, you’d rather disconnect with the person than going so much out of your comfort zone.